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Office of the Director biographies

Lynn Wood Harwell, JD, MBA is the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center's Executive Director. Lynn provides overall leadership and oversight of the administration and operations of the Center including strategic planning, HNDC program development, and outreach/fundraising initiatives. Most recently, Lynn served as Deputy to the Governing Board Chair at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). While at CIRM, Lynn's primary responsibilities included management of $3 billion authorized in general obligation bonds to support stem cell research and facilities, as well as leading public policy initiatives and outreach to stakeholders. Lynn received her JD/MBA from Harvard Law School & Harvard Business School.

Nancy E. Maher, MPH
is the Senior Programs Manager for the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center. Ms. Maher is the liason between the programs and the HNDC with respect to the annual budgets, annual progress reports and building bridges between the programs.  Ms. Maher earned her MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at BU School of Public Health and has over 13 years of clinical research management experience in academia, most recently managing the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center Biomarker Study.

Sarah Svenson Greer, MSM is the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center's Financial Manager, responsible for oversight of HNDC's finances and grants management. She earned her undergraduate degree from Tufts University and a master of science degree in management and research administration from Emmanuel College. Ms. Greer has over 9 years of experience in sponsored program administration.

Shanell Lavery is the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center’s Administrative Coordinator, providing project support to the Senior Programs Manager and administrative support to the Director's office. Ms. Lavery is currently pursuing a degree from the Harvard University Extension School.  

Patricia G. McCaffrey, PhD is the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center’s Co-Executive Editor of the Pain Research Forum. Dr. McCaffrey earned her PhD in Applied Biology from MIT and spent 15 years as a researcher studying immunology, cancer and neurobiology in academia and industry. In 2004, Dr. McCaffrey received her masters degree in science journalism from Boston University, and began a successful career as a freelance science writer and editor. Well-versed in producing prose for an audience of biomedical researchers, Dr. McCaffrey has written for various publication at Harvard Medical School, Yale School of Medicine, Harvard University, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Immune Disease Institute, as well as Nature Network Boston and Lancet Oncology. Most recently, Dr. McCaffrey was a writer for the Alzheimer Research Forum and the Schizophrenia Research Forum, two web sites that serve as important models for the Pain Research Forum.

Neil Andrews, MS, MA is the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center's Executive Editor of the Pain Research Forum. Mr. Andrews is a veteran science writer who specializes in writing and editing for expert audiences, including researchers and clinicians, working in the biomedical arena. He earned an undergraduate degree in psychobiology from Hamilton College, a master of science degree in science journalism from Boston University, and a master of arts degree in the history of science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From 2005-2011 Mr. Andrews was the Managing Editor of IBMS BoneKEy, an online-only journal and knowledge environment that he helped grow into one of the premier publications in the bone field.