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Marcie Glicksman
, LDDN Co-Director

Leads Discovery

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Justin Boyd
, Instructor/Investigator
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Medicinal Chemistry

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Automation, Compounds & Database



Justin Boyd, Ph.D.
Justin Boyd joined the Leads Discovery group at the Laboratory for Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration as a research scientist in 2008. He brings to LDDN expertise in high content analysis, stem cell biology and neuroscience.  Prior to his appointment at LDDN, Dr. Boyd worked at the National Institutes of Health as a Postdoctoral Fellow and as a visiting Scientist for Evotec, a German pharmaceutical company.  Dr. Boyd’s areas of interest include drug discovery and development, stem cell biology, and neurodegeneration.  Dr. Boyd has a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Sciences with a specialty in Neuroscience from the University of Tennessee and a B.S. in Biology from Rhodes College.

Marcie Glicksman, Ph.D.
Marcie Glicksman is Senior Director of the Leads Discovery Group of LDDN. Dr. Glicksman has extensive experience in assay development, high throughput screening, and chemical databases, as well as animal pharmacology and preclinical development. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Brown University and Ph.D. in Neuroscience and has been in drug discovery in industry for thirteen years. Previously, she was at the start-up company, Descartes Therapeutics focused on developing pain therapeutics using imaging techniques. Before this, she was Director of Leads Discovery at Cubist leading a group in the development of antibiotics with a structure-based drug design approach using x-ray crystallography and chemical modeling and resulting in lead molecules suitable for testing in animal models. Before this, she was in Leads Discovery at DuPont-Merck (later DuPont Pharmaceuticals) and Cell Biology at Cephalon. She led the assay development and screening program for a cell-based protease project, and numerous G-protein coupled receptors, many of which were continued when Bristol Myers Squibb bought DuPont Pharmaceuticals. She also has led a program for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease that resulted in co-inventorship of CEP1347, a drug candidate directed at a novel kinase, currently in Phase III clinical trials.  She was elected in 2005 to the Board of Directors for the Society for Biomolecular Sciences and currently serves as the Chairman. 

Kevin Hodgetts, Ph.D.

Kevin Hodgetts is the Director of Medicinal Chemistry and Co-Director of the LDDN. Prior to joining the team in 2012, Kevin gained thirteen years of drug discovery experience at first Neurogen Corporation in Branford, CT, and then at Galenea Corporation in Cambridge, MA. Kevin obtained his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Salford, U.K., followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Texas at Austin. He then served as the Newman Fellow at University College Dublin, Ireland. An author and co-inventor on more than fifty publications and granted U.S. patents, Kevin’s background successfully spans GPCR, ion channel, kinase, and phosphatase projects. Focused on neuroscience indications, Kevin has contributed, both as a team member and project leader, in advancing multiple programs from initial hit through to clinical candidate selection. Kevin’s expertise includes CNS library design, guiding lead optimization, and coordinating medicinal chemistry efforts. In addition, Kevin teaches an undergraduate course on drug discovery at Tufts University in Medford, MA.

Min Liu, Ph.D.

Min Liu is Assistant Director at LDDN and Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Liu's areas of interest include drug discovery, enzymology, cell biology, and neuroscience. As an enzymologist, she has worked on varieties of enzyme targets implicated in neurodegenerative diseases, particularly kinases, such as LRRK2 in Parkinson's disease and CDK5 in Alzheimer's disease. In addition she has successfully managed numerous research programs in the areas of assay development and high-throughout screening at the LDDN. Dr. Liu has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Rutgers University.

Hrvoje Lusic, Ph.D.
Hrvoje Lusic joined the LDDN as a postdoctoral research fellow in medicinal chemistry in 2013. His current research efforts are aimed at finding and optimizing potential treatments for ALS and Alzheimer's disease. Hrvoje obtained a B.S. in Chemistry in 2002, and an M.S. in Polymer Chemistry in 2004, both at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Hrvoje continued his graduate studies at the lab of Alexander Deiters at North Caroline State University, where he worked on synthesis and evaluation of unnatural nucleosides and small-molecule probes as a means of control of biological processes. After earning his Ph.D. in the summer of 2009, he began a postdoctoral appointment at Boston University under the direction of Mark Grinstaff. His studies there were focused on the synthesis and characterization of computed tomography contrast agents.